Field Report

December 29 2017


January mix $10.95: Zucchini half moon thick, Yellow Squash half moon thick, Red Pepper julienne, Carrot matchstick, Rutabagas lrg matchstick

Apples/ Pears: Washington -Red Delicious are steady to lower on all sizes as more shippers get started. The red sizing is normal with an 80/88/100 peak. Golden Delicious are steady with good availability. They are peaking on Premium grade 100/113s with only light supplies of 88s and larger. Granny Smiths are steady to slightly lower on all sizes with mostly smaller fruit. 88 size and larger Granny-smith are short and remain premium priced. Pears - Bartlett pears are steady on all sizes and continue to peak on small fruit.


Asparagus: Volumes are continuing to decrease from Central Mexico (Ciudad Obregon) as the season from this region wraps up. There will be a gap until Caborca, Mexico starts to cut fern the first week in January, and production starts the second week. Northern Peru (Trujillo), and Southern Peru (ICA) is continuing to ship, but volume has decreased due to warm temperatures in the region, which is creating a lower yield in the field due to spreading, and seeding. Market out west has continued to rise with very little volume from Mexico. The market in the east is starting to react with less airspace available in Peru, and fewer sea arrivals this week.




Avocados: Mexico's shipments eased off some at the end of last week, and many municipalities are shutting down for the balance of the week in efforts to get markets up and a higher field price. We still have good volume in the states, but look for supplies to begin to tighten by the weekend and into next week. Markets are already beginning to react.

Berries: Strawberries- Strawberry supplies are improving this week. The weather in southern California looks to be ideal through the weekend and shippers are expecting increased yield and volume for the remainder of the week. In addition, Florida harvest continues to improve (nice fruit), opening more options for east coast customers and relieving some demand pressure on the west coast. Market prices have been firm, and demand has been strong up to this point.

Raspberries Raspberry supplies have become slightly limited this week. We expect overall production to dip in December as Salinas, Watsonville, and Santa Maria harvest has ended. Central Mexico and light production in Oxnard will be the main sources of supply. We expect to see markets firm up and availability become increasingly limited over the next 3-4 weeks.

Blackberries Blackberry supplies continue to be steady with good production coming from Central Mexico and Oxnard. We expect to see increased production from Mexico for the next 3-4 weeks. Market prices have been steady.

Blueberries- Blueberry supplies continue to be a moving target this week. We have multiple areas in production, but availability remains limited.


Broccoli and cauliflower: Broccoli- We have seen an abundance of supply of broccoli from all growing regions. We have seen sporadic quality issues from different regions as well. We have seen some brown bead and hollow core from the regions that have experienced heat in the early growing season. However, suppliers are doing their best to bypass the poor quality. Cauliflower- We are experiencing ample supplies of cauliflower this week. The little demand has created a surplus of inventories. Suppliers are very competitive with their prices to move volume. Quality is nice with weights in the 28 to 30 pound range, minimal brown spotting, and vibrant white color.

Citrus: Oranges: We are seeing a size shift in the Navel crop, the percentage of 113s/138s is falling quickly and the percentage of 72s and larger increasing. Pack outs are clean with good color resulting in grade ratio of 85% to 90% of Fancy fruit, leaving much less choice fruit than there is demand for of the choice grade. Choice market remains active and short. We are looking at peaking 72s/88s/56s for the balance of the navel season. Small fruit will be in short supply all season long.


Lemons: The lemon market is very active. With this year's Desert crop much lighter in volume, shippers are seeing production starting to fall off. The Central Valley crop has just begun to harvest and pack limited volume, mostly fancy grade. Demand remains very good and is exceeding supplies.

Limes: Limes are stable at the moment. Supplies have improved this week. Demand has been steady, but shippers are expecting a push through the holidays. Quality is being reported as strong and sizes are consistent. Market prices have come down slightly this week. With improving supplies expected over the next 2-3 weeks, we may see this market become a little more active.

Lettuce: This market has remained flat. Expect this to continue for the entire week. Supplies exceed demand with most suppliers. Yuma production is plentiful. Aside from some mechanical and puffiness being reported, the overall quality is good. Weights on wrap lettuce have been averaging 38-42 pounds. Santa Maria has moderate production. Quality has been reported good overall as well. Expect heavy supplies throughout this week.


Lettuce Leaf: Romaine, as well as all leaf items, are flat in the marketplace. Supplies exceed demand. Shippers are flexing, as demand has slowed down. Yuma production, as well as Santa Maria and Oxnard, are all growing areas that will have heavy availability throughout this week. Aside from some slight ribbing and insects, the quality overall is good. Romaine heart production is strong as well.