Field Report

April 13 2017


April mix $10.95: Broccoli Buds, Cauliflower Buds, Carrot Lrg Matchstick, Asparagus 1, Pepper Red julienne

Apples/ Pears: Washington - Markets are steady on most sizes and grades with light to moderate demand Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Galas, and Fuji.

Pears - D'anjou pears are peaking on 90's and larger. Moderate supplies of 100/110s market steady. 120s and smaller are limited and have a firm market.


Asparagus: Weather is very warm in Caborca, and San Luis Mexico. Many shippers are starting to close fields, and these two regions should be finished in the next 2 weeks. Gonzalez, CA is expecting rain for the next 2 days, but volume is still good from this region. Ica, and Trujillo, Peru have just started, and volumes are starting increase with the weather being perfect in both regions. Markets are overall lower as all four regions are in production.


Avocados: Mexico's harvest last week dipped dramatically due to the short harvest week in lieu of the Holy Week celebrations. Supplies for this week have tightened. We are seeing harvest resume this week with better volume returning for next week inventories. Mexico expects to have good supplies into May.

Berries: Strawberries- Strawberry supplies are improving this week. Growers have cleaned through their fields, dropped a lot of rain-damaged fruit, and are finally turning the corner on supply and quality.

Raspberries No changes in Raspberry supplies this week. Mexico is our primary source of Raspberries at this time and production numbers continue to be down. Supplies are very limited and demand is strong. Market prices are higher and quality has been fair, but we are getting some reports of damage in the fields, lowering yields.


Blackberries Blackberry supplies have started to level off with some shippers this week. Mexico continues to be the primary source of production. Depending on the shipper and their particular growing region, volumes differ from one to the other.

Blueberries- We are in the middle of transition this week and supplies are tight. Most shippers are filling orders with the last of their Chilean arrivals as we wait for domestic harvest to pick up. Mexico continues with light production, but volumes are decreasing. California (Santa Maria and Oxnard) has started with very light volumes this week, but is expected to gradually improve over the next 2 weeks.


Broccoli and cauliflower: Broccoli-The broccoli market varies from supplier to supplier. Supplies also vary within the industry. Yuma for the most part is finished with harvesting besides for processing purposes. The most competitive prices are in Santa Maria if you can take advantage with your transportation. Cauliflower- The cauliflower market continues to find a level of consistency. Supplies have increased in the Salinas Valley filling the void of Yuma finishing its season. Santa Maria also has good supplies as well. The quality is nice, as we have started the Salinas season.


Citrus: Oranges: We are now in the late varieties of navels and eating quality is some of the best of the season. Size structure remains 72s/56s/48s. Small fruit supplies are limited and pricing is starting to increase as availability tightens. California Valencia harvest looks the begin toward the end of April.


Lemons: Good availability in both the Central Valley and the Ventura/Oxnard areas. Central Valley is peaking on 140s and larger sizes; heavier to fancy grade. Ventura/Oxnard is peaking 140s/165s/200s: heavy to the choice grade.


Limes: Lime growers are just getting back to work after the Easter holiday. Supplies are expected to be limited until later in the week, as we wait for fruit to get packed and transferred across from Mexico. Demand continues to be strong and market prices have been high and firm.



Lettuce: Yuma supplies are winding down and Huron production has picked up. Demand overall is off. This market is softer. Santa Maria continues to have some availability if needed. Light production will start this week in Salinas and better numbers are expected next week. The defects worth noting include puffiness, mechanical and a bit of ribbing, along with some discoloration. Expect weights to average 41-46 pounds as an industry standard right now. Currently shippers are flexing on this commodity for good volume type orders.


Lettuce Leaf: Romaine as well as green and red leaf is steady in the marketplace. Romaine hearts continue to be on escalated pricing. Issues on this commodity include blister and peel, discoloration, frost damage due to cold temperatures in past weeks as well as small sizing. Hearts are expected to pick up in quality next week as new fields are expected to be ready to harvest.